Archiving Outlook Mail

From 2019, mails in Outlook will be stored in an online archive. In Outlook, this archived inbox will be displayed as
Online archive – (in Webmail displayed as In-place-Archive – firstname surname),
which contains mails older than two years. This is set up by default,
and can be changed at any time by the user.

Searching your Mail

The archive folder can be searched using the Outlook/Webmail search function
after selecting “All folders”.

Change Policy

You have the option to alter the standard two year policy
for folders as well as specific subfolders.

Right click the appropriate folder > Inbox Properties > Policy

Please note: The “policy” tab will appear approximately 24 hours after activating the online archive.

Automatic Mailbox Cleanup

Furthermore, you can activate the automatic deletion of mails
(for specific subfolders)
after a specific time period. The default setting is
“Never Delete“.