Saving Files and Connecting Network Drives

Please use the Z:Drive as the location to save your files. You have a quota of 4 GB free.
Please do not save anything to the C:Drive, as these could be lost should a PC need to be reinstalled.

On the network drive Y: you will find templates for both PowerPoint and Word with the current and official FH branding on them.

Current mailbox quotas for staff & lecturers
< 4 GB sending YES, receiving YES
> 4 GB sending NO, receiving YES
> 5 GB sending NO, receiving NO

Current mailbox quotas for external lecturers &students
< 2 GB sending YES, receiving YES
> 2 GB sending NO, receiving YES
> 2,3 GB sending NO, receiving NO

How do I connect a network drive?

In order to connect to a Network Share, please send a request to after first being granted permission to do so by the share’s owner. (Written permission is required!)

After this has been set up successfully, you open Windows Explorer and do the following:

– This PC > Right Click > Map Network Drive


– This PC > Computer Tab > Map Network Drive
Step 2 is the same for both methods:
Select a network drive and enter a Folder path


We recommend not installing Dropbox on any FH PCs. Instead, use the web interface to work with your files.