Extension numbers are issued by IT Services.

Taking calls on behalf of others

(Displaying a range of numbers) Phone users are able to
view incoming calls to other employees in the same office
as well as take these calls on behalf of colleagues by using *8
or by pressing function key 1 on their handset.

How to take and forward calls

You can transfer a call by pressing HOLD and Transfer

Using Asterisk and its telephony website

Please do not close the Asterisk Multiclient using the X, rather
with the use of HIDE that suitably places it in the taskbar. In order to change your ringtone,
use Phone-Config. Use Client-Settings in order to
in order to change the Info-colours of your asterisk client.

Phone Webpage:

You can set up speed-dial keys here. *8
(=Taking calls on behalf of others) is already predefined. Speed-dial can be used
both internally and externally (e.g. +43xxx xxxxxxxx).
In Asterisk MultiClient you can both redirect and
search for numbers, using the internal directory. You
may also Copy and Paste numbers directly into the
Number: field shown and confirm with Call.

Should Asterisk Multiclient slow down, please delete your call log
using the Clear ALL button. You can still access your call log
on the Phone Webpage. This delete action only affects
the application’s own cache.

Clear THIS removes only the previous caller from the log.
Should a red line appear instead of your own extension (in green)
click Disconnect/Connect to
reconnect AsteriskMulticlient with your handset.

SNOM Telephone Manual

Mobile/cell phones

Terms and conditions for employees
can be requested from