Software for Students

Installed Software in the EDV labs


Terminal Server

Subject to a working internet connection, the terminal server offers you access from remote locations to the following:

  • your personal drive “Z:”
  • MS Office
  • SPSS
  • and much more

Load the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) and connect to “” with the following credentials: User: fhwn\123456 Password: your password

Microsoft Office 365

The current version of Microsoft Office is offered for free to students, during the course of their studies. Licences and installation media can be accessed via the Microsoft Office Portal Login to with your FH credentials username followed by (e.g. and your password.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is also available via the Microsoft Office Portal The login data for as well as for “Skype for Business” are: username followed by (e.g. and your password

Windows 10 Operating System

The Microsoft Operating System Windows 10 is available via Please click on “Registrieren” and under “Von der Organisation vorgegebene E-Mail-Adresse” enter: username followed by (e.g. and choose a password Here you will find the following version available: “Microsoft Windows 10 Education (Multilanguage)” >“Warenkorb” > “Bestellen


Use SPSS via remote desktop – see “Terminal Server”.


Download the free version here: Download and extract the file Common.dat6 to the following folder: C:Program Files (x86)Citavi 6bin . The programme is now licensed.


Maxqda can also be used at home. Establish a connection to the FH (see the information here on how to do this: VPN Connections for Students), install Maxqda after downloading and extracting the zip files.

Download for Windowsː
Download for Mac:

When first starting the programme, enter the address of the licence server as shown in the screenshot in order to activate the licence.

“Apple on Campus”

All Austrian Universities of Applied Sciences are members of “Apple on Campus”. “Apple on Campus” allows the purchase of Apple hardware at discounted prices. “Apple on Campus” is Apple’s official programme for students and academic staff members at Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt offers both students and academic staff a 12% reduction on all Apple computers, up to 8% on accessories, and discounts on software.

EndNote 9

EndNote Installation for Windows

  1. Download the .zip file (for Windows or Mac):
    for Windows: Download
  2. extract the .zip file
  3. Open the extracted folder and run the following file: ENX9Inst.msi

Please note:the licence will not be recognised if the second stage has not been completed!

EndNote installation MAC

  1. Download the .zip file:
    for Mac: Download
  2. Extract the .zip file
  3. Follow the instructions from the installation wizard (e.g. drag the EndNote folder into the Applications folder.

Endnote installation MAC Catalina

  1. Download

Helpful link:

Qualtrics Login with your FH credentials (without Important Information for Students: Please share your surveys with your supervisor, via the option “Collaborate“, and the e-mail address. This is a prerequisite and thus enables effective feedback. Qualtrics Training Training video: Learn Qualtrics in 5 Steps Information about Qualtrics & Support Training material and support are to be found here. Qualtrics support: (in English!) Manuals

SAP Logon to at the TU Wien


1) Connect to the Terminal Server !!OR!! start the local SAP Logon. This Server can be used from outside the FH as well. Use VPN to establish a connection. 2) Start SAP Logon All Programs / SAP Front End / SAP Logon 3) Add Server (once) Now you have to add the connection to the Server. Follow the instructions on the pictures:


If you have a valid MathWorks account and an FHWN email address, you can install Matlab on a device of your choice, including at home. Staff, students and external lecturers may make use of this for both teaching and research projects. Commercial use is not permitted.

Download and Installation Instructions

Download installation file 1. Log on to your MathWorks via account using your FH email address. If you do not have a MathWorks account, create one, using your university email address. 2. Click on your profile name in the top right-hand corner, and choose Associated License. 3. Enter you Activation Key, provided to you by your administrator. 4. Click on Download your products now or visit 5. click the download button for the current release. 6. Select a supported platform, and download the installation file.

Installation and Activation 1. Run the installation file. 2. Select Log in with a MathWorks Account in the installation file and follow the online instructions. 3. Select the Academic License – Total Headcount when requested. It is shown as TAH License (i.e. Total Academic Headcount) – quick start for students. 4. Select your product that you want to download and install. 5. After downloading and installing your products, ensure that the Activate MATLAB checkbox is selected and click on “Next”. 6. Ensure that your user name is correct. Wait until the activation is complete.

Activation Key: 10215-35409-40716-14095-06941