The FH Wiener Neustadt provides free WiFi for students, lecturers, and staff at the Wiener Neustadt campuses via the following:

  • fhwnsecure .. encryption (WPA2), authentication EAP
  • eduroam .. encryption (WPA2), authentication EAP

Please take note of our WiFi/User Obligations, which you have agreed to adhere to by using our services

network: fhwnsecure

  • network ID: fhwnsecure
  • Security: WPA/WPA2 – Enterprise (EAP-PEAP, MSCHAPV2), Radius Server: radius.fhwn.ac.at
  • Type 2 authentication: none
  • Log in with your user name (without domain!)/password
  • Certificate: none


  • Access to internal services for authorised users
  • File Server
  • Web Server (e.g. ITGEO)
  • Print Server
  • Remote Desktop
  • Not permitted: SMTP except via FHWN Server (email.fhwn.ac.at)

Network: eduroam

  • Network ID: eduroam
  • Security: WPA/WPA2 – Enterprise (EAP-PEAP)
  • Log in with an FHWN account: username@fhwn.ac.at (e.g. 12345@fhwn.ac.at) or with an account from a participating eduroam institution (e.g. username@univie.ac.at)
  • Network drives/shares as part of the FH network are NOT accessible!

OS Win7 / WLAN “fhwnsecure” / STG PDL

  • Click the Windows logo/start button
  • Enter Control Panel into the Search box and select
  • Open the Network and Sharing Center
  • Click “Set up a new connection or network” to start with
  • Choose “Manually connect to a wireless network” thereafter
Screenshot 1
  • Change network settings
  • In a new window Properties for > “fhwnsecure” wireless network > Security tab properties >
Screen shot 2
  • In a new window > Server certificate check > untick
  • In the same window >configure
Screen shot 3
  • In a new window > untick > confirm with OK
  • Previous window > confirm with OK as before
Screen shot 4
  • Wireless Network Properties “fhwnsecure” > security tab> “Advanced Settings”
  • In a new window click “enter authentication method”
Screen shot 5
  • Tick the box and confirm with OK
  • Confirm with OK as before
  • Click on the “Additional log on information is required for fhwnsecure” dialogue box
  • Enter your FH credentials in the new window (FH User/FH Password)
  • “fhwnsecure” was added successfully
If a Proxy Server (Internet Options > Connections> LAN Settings > Proxy Server) is set up, you can deactivate it for a website. This solution can only be configured temporarily. The long-term deactivating of this setting can only be done by IT Services.