Intranet for Students

Our Intranet offers a variety of information about your studies:

  • My Courses
    • When you log in, your surname (and matriculation number) is shown at the top left of your personal landing page.
      • This page allows an alternative e-mail address to be changed/updated. This e-mail address will be used for example, for the resetting of your password,
      • Below will be shown any eventsfor which you may register or have already registered.
    • Grades keeps you up to date with your academic progress
    • EduNET Courses links individual courses directly to our e-learning system.
    • Current courses shows all the courses in the current semester for which you are enrolled
    • Further down, you will find programme specific information, e.g. information regarding your internship
  • Timetable shows your schedule You can also export your timetable to third party software, e.g. Outlook, or use it on tablets and smartphones
  • All students are provided with an introduction to the library
  • General Information shows links to various information, e.g.
    • Holiday Periods & National Holidays