Printing & Scanning

Print jobs can be sent from any workstation at the FH to the student printer (canon.its).

With your student ID card, you can collect your prints at any of these printers: 2 printers in BT3 on the first floor, 1 printer in BT1 on the first floor (Informatik). These devices can be used for both printing and scanning of documents. Printouts are available in both A3 and A4 formats, colour and black & white.

Once per academic year € 10,– will be automatically credited to your printing account Additional credit may be purchased via the intranet (Intranet> Student Services > Recharge printing credit).

Costs are as follows:
€ 0.05 for a single page, A4 in black and white
€ 0.30 for a single page, A4, colour
€ 0.10 for a single page, A3 in black and white
€ 0.60 for a single page, A3 in colour

Your account will not be charged for any failed print or scan jobs.

Scanning (€ 0.00)

Step 1: hold your card to the card reader
Step 2: choose “Send to Myself”
Step 3: Place your document either in the feeder or on the scanner
Step 4: Unless you choose otherwise, the document will be sent in pdf format with an automatically generated name. Should you so wish, you can change the format, scan settings and document name using the Options menu.
Step 5: Press START to begin the scanning process

You will find your scanned document in your FH e-mail inbox.