You can access your e-mails either via Webmail (http://email.fhwn.ac.at/owa) or with the use of the Microsoft Outlook (Microsoft Office 365) mail client.

You will be asked for your user data in one of the following ways:

Format 1:
User: fhwn

Format 2:
Domain: fhwn

Setting up your e-mail account

If Outlook has already been configured, but is no longer working, follow the instructions as described in “Create a new Outlook profile”.

Setting up Outlook

…on an FH PC

Outlook 2016 configures your account when the programme is first run. Follow the on-screen instructions by clicking “OK” and “Next” appropriately.

…on your own device with either Office 2016 or Office 2013

If an e-mail account has already been configured in Outlook:

  • “File” Menu
  • Button “+ Add Account”

If an e-mail account has not been configured, the wizard will start automatically. Fill out the fields as shown:

Click “Next” and enter your FH user name. Please note that you will have to insert the domain beforehand, as shown in the example for the user: fhwn 89675

Click on “Next” and finally on “Finish” to complete the setting up of your e-mail account.

Create a new Outlook profile

Note: If you have configured multiple accounts in Outlook, this step may result in you losing your emails.

Windows 10:

  • Right-click the Start Menu button on your desktop.
  • Choose Control Panel

Windows 7:

  • Left-click the Start Menu on your desktop.
  • Choose Control Panel

Windows 10 and Windows 7:

  • Click on User Accounts
  • Click on E-Mail
  • Click on the “Show Profile“ button
  • Select the entry “Outlook” (this name can vary)
  • Click on “Remove” and confirm with “Yes”.
  • Close the window with “OK”
  • Reload Outlook – you will be asked for a new profile name. This profile name can be freely chosen, e.g. “whatever”.
  • The Setup wizard will then start again.
  • The instructions regarding the setting up of an account can be found at the top of the page.