FHWN Contact Groups/Distribution Lists

Please send a request to support@fhwn.ac.at in order to be able to send to each of these distribution lists.

Below you will find the e-mail addresses of contact groups, i.e. distribution lists, and the respective recipients

E-Mail Adresses Recipients
TU_Studenten@tulln.fhwn.ac.at all students at the Tulln campus
STUDENTEN_AMU@amu.at all students at the Wieselburg campus
Studenten_WN@fhwn.ac.at all students at the Wiener Neustadt campus
studenten@fhwn.ac.at all students across all campuses
Mitarbeiter-WN@fhwn.ac.at all Wiener Neustadt employees
Mitarbeiter-fhwn@fhwn.ac.at all employees across all campuses
Mitarbeiter_AMU@fhwn.ac.at all Wieselburg employees
TU_Verwaltung@fhwn.ac.at all Tulln employees