Student ID Card

15 EUR will be charged for any replacement student ID card. You will not be required to file a police report in case of a lost/stolen student ID card. There will be no cost for the first issuing of an ID card at the start of your course of study.

ID Card Usage

  • Library
  • Infopoints
  • Car park barriers
  • Free travel with the FH bus (students only)
  • Key card system Campus Wiener Neustadt
  • Various student discounts

The student ID card does not store any personal data, only the serial number of the ID card itself.

Picture Format of the ID Card

For an ID card you will need a photograph based on the following requirements:

  • Size: at least 700 x 900 pixels
  • File format: jpg
  • No. of colours: 16.7 mil. (24 bit)
  • File size: between 50 and 150 kB

You will be charged 15 EUR for a replacement student ID card. This must be applied for via the intranet (Student Services > Request Student ID).