Login Information for Staff and Lecturers


For staff: your username will be issued to you as part of an IT introduction to the FH network.
For external lecturers: your username will be sent to you via email by the respective programme administration.

Password / Password requirements

The following requirements apply when changing your password:

A password must consist of at least 8 characters.

It must comprise at least three of the following four categories:

  • Upper case letters (A-Z)
  • Lower case letters (a-z)
  • Numbers (0 to 9)
  • Non-alphanumeric characters

Your password must be changed at least once a year!
Information regarding the upcoming expiry of your password will be shown to you on the intranet.

Please note:

  • Passwords must be kept secret
  • Entering the password must not be visible by third parties
  • Passwords must not be saved
  • New passwords must be noticeably different to the previous one and must not contain your own name
  • Disclosure of passwords is prohibited

Changing your password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

On all PCs at Campus 1 you can reset your password using the STRG+ALT+ENTF key combination and by clicking on “Change password”.

Off campus, you can login to Webmail via https://email.fhwn.ac.at/ and edit your account settings in the Options menu.
You can find detailed instructions here.