12. September 2019

ACOnet filesender

If you wish to send large files ( >36MB) to third parties, you may use ACOnet FileSender . ACOnet filesender:
5. September 2019

OneDrive online

Sharing Documents Log in to using your user and your password and follow the instructions given in the video in order to share documents […]
5. September 2019

Software for Staff and Lecturers

Microsoft Office for Staff and External Lecturers Login via: with your FHWN credentialsː [your FHWN username] Windows 10 for Staff and External Lecturers Please note: […]
5. September 2019

Software for Students

Installed Software in the EDV labs Overview Terminal Server Subject to a working internet connection, the terminal server offers you access from remote locations to the […]
29. August 2019

Services Offered by External Institutions

The University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt is part of both ACOnet and eduID and can therefore offer services made available by them. Use your FH […]
29. August 2019

Skype for Business

Download Please log in using [username] and your password. Download Skype for Business and install it on your PC, laptop or smartphone. Please note: 1. […]
29. August 2019


Set up a Camtasia project Sharing a project Exporting to ZIP A wealth of documentation is provided by the Techsmith company. Regarding FH network drive specifics, […]
29. August 2019

Webex & Zoom

Webex Cisco Webex for lecturersCisco Webex for students How to use Cisco Webex:Create and share a Webex meeting date (Study Services) Zoom Zoom for lecturersZoom for […]
29. August 2019

Installed Software

Here you can find an overview of pre-installed software.